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Did you know that school text books are protected by Copyright? Take our quiz!

Watch the video and reply to the questions below. Good luck!

Millie lives in Botswana. She is a teenager and she needs to pass her Maths Exam to become an architect. Her best friend Raps offers to make copies for her of copies of revision kits which he got from another friend, Marcus. It is a happy chance for Millie, as it means she will not have to spend the money that she has been saving to buy a ticket for a concert by her favorite singer. She makes copies for herself and for her friends. When Millie and Raps go to the market and see that the same revision kits are on sale, they think that they made a good deal as they find them expensive. But Millie is shocked to be told that photocopying whole books is illegal. She learns from her teacher, a publisher, a police officer and the Botswana IP Office that such copying damages authors and artists. Now she knows a lot more about copyright.